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The all-in-one Classroom Amplification Solution by Lightspeed Technologies

There is no easier way to help students improve academic achievement. The REDCAT® is a fully integrated ‘Soundfield’ amplification system. The system can be wall mounted like a picture frame for permanent installations, or placed on a bookshelf or desk. It distributes sound evenly throughout the classroom and is specifically engineered to deliver outstanding voice intelligibility at a surprisingly low price.

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All schools, colleges & universities, from infant classrooms to university lecture theatres. REDCAT® classroom amplification systems allow every student in a classroom to clearly hear all the speech components of the teacher’s voice — no matter where they are seated or where the teacher is standing — enhancing their ability to learn.

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True Classroom Speaker Innovation

NXTTM speaker technology, which is revolutionizing the audio industry, has proven to be the perfect solution for today’s classrooms. In partnership with NXTTM, Lightspeed has developed classroom audio systems that deliver an unparalleled sound experience for teachers and their students. NXTTM technology utilizes the entire flat panel surface to emit audio in all directions, creating excellent sound distribution from a single speaker.

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Now with Redmike

REDMIKETM is a small, lightweight, easy-to-use microphone. The REDCAT® and REDMIKETM combination delivers clear audio, excellent sound distribution and high speech intelligibility. This revolutionary audio system allows schools to put more audio in more classrooms.

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Redcat Family Products, Information & Accessories...

Redcat Access

New instructional methods and flexible classroom configurations demand a modern, expandable audio platform. One that works on its own, or in concert with other devices.Powered by Lightspeed’s proven Access Technology, Redcat Access is like no other audio system.

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Flexcat utilises wireless 2-way communication to connect the teacher and student in ways never before possible. Teachers deliver crystal clear instruction to the whole class or to individual small groups.

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The Redcat Family range of products comes with a variety of accessories and add-ons that help you to enhance the classroom environment and get the most out of your classroom audio system.

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We have technical specifications to help you prioritise the system that your classroom needs.

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