Solutions for Sound, Vision and Communications

Church Sound Systems

Sound reinforcement need not be loud to be effective. Just a small lift in a voice's level can make all the difference between being understood, or just hearing a mumbled voice. This lift in sound level will enable even the weakest of voices audible from the pulpit or lay reader. Power levels need to be calculated to make the best possible use of any natural acoustics available. This can be the failing of many PA installers. Too much power will lead to echo and feedback problems. Comtec Services are used to dealing with the more sensitive areas for sound reinforcement systems. We are always pleased to offer advice that will enable our customers to choose the correct system for their location.

Once a suitable power level is selected, thought must then be given to the installation of speakers. Careful selection with the size and colour of speaker cabinets will greatly assist in the final appearance of the installation, particularly when fitting equipment into listed buildings or buildings of special architectural interest.

Cables and flex connections can also cause problems, the choice of colour and routings of cabling will again affect the overall visual appearance of an installation. Our careful and thoughtful planning of any installation will minimize the intrusion of any cables.

Finally, we are always happy to supply contact details of similar installations in an area locally to your own to enable your wardens and finance committee members to inspect our work and check with system users on the quality of our service.