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Soundfield Classroom Systems

Sound Field Amplification (SFA) is the latest innovation to enhance the learning experience of all students. Now used in hundreds of schools throughout the UK and Europe.

What is Sound Field Amplification?

A simple to use audio amplification system with up to eight loudspeakers per classroom and comes with the option of either a Lapel or Head-worn Microphone for the Teaching staff.

How will this help the teaching environment?

Lack of pupil understanding and concentration can result in higher levels of noise within a classroom. To regain control teachers may be required to raise their voice, this further increases the noise and the cycle continues. If pupils can hear the required information or instructions given they are much less likely to cause disruption.

How will this help the Teaching staff?

The installation of a Sound Field system reduces the risk of voice strain to the teacher and allows for a more relaxed learning experience for the student.

Will Sound Field Amplification assist the Hearing impaired?

Quite simply YES, a more even distribution of sound within a classroom allows everyone to understand to much higher degree. With a lower level of background noise the hearing-impaired student finds it easier to understand and concentrate on the subject being taught. The more profoundly hearing impaired student may have a 'Personal FM receiver' this can be easily interconnected to the Sound Field Amplifier system.

Can the Teacher have a two-way conversation with students?

Yes, a variant of the standard system will allow for an additional microphone, ideal for the teaching of languages or when an individual response is required from a student via a hand held microphone passed between the students.

Will SFA allow for a lesson to be recorded?

Yes, RCA sockets have been included to allow connection to the recording media of your choice.

Can SFA be used for the playback of music?

All Sound Field systems allow for the connection of an auxiliary input source e.g. CD, Tape, etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information on any of our SFA products. We offer a no obligation site survey to assess how 'Sound Field' could assist in your School or College.